Wednesday, 2 January 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of us, Garden Lovers spread throughout the world! :D :D :D 

How did you celebrated the latest holiday season? :) I celebrated Christmas and New Year in Sardinia, my homeland...where after 5 months spent in the opposite part of Europe, I could eventually spend some time with my dearest ones tasting all my favourite Italian dishes (Thanks daddy!! :P) and walking on 'my' beloved Poetto beach :) 

As you may know, this past year has been a memorable, exciting one for me! :) And its last gift has been a dedicated post on my favourite Italian blog! {If you do not know it already, grab a huge cup of tea, send kids to bed&partner on holiday and... prepare yourself to get lost in this amazing blog!}

What to expect for this new year?!?!? Thousand of plans, projects and ideas have been formulated during these past busy months...There will be some major changes in my life...and some changes will involve this blog as well!!! :) There will be more posts, and a complete blog renovation, stating with a new logo and format.... 

Next weeks posts will include a photojourney through all the major events of the past year, with tips/addresses/info on how to repeat the experience on yourself (!!!) and...I will share my 2013 resolutions....hoping to inspire (and by inspired by) you!

In the meantime, what are your new year resolutions? 



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