Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!!!!

Wishing you a very Merry and Joyful Christmas!!! :) :) :)
poinsettia plant
How are you celebrating? :) Have you got any special Christmas tradition to share?

Thursday, 13 December 2012


The goal is reached: I am a Garden Designer now!!!!! And I even won the 'Great Dixter award for Horticulture'. I am sooo trilled!!!

Here some photos to share with you the great day:

{ Me in front of my works, before the award ceremony!}
{ My Bio...can you read it?}

{Receiving the 'Great Dixter Award for Horticulture'
from Fergus Garrett, Head Gardener, incomparable
experimenter and indefatigable knowledge diffuser}

More to come...stay tuned for  more great news!!! :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Last exam and... final countdown! :)

Hellooo again!!! J

Wow, I feel so much lighter now! J The final project has been handed and positively marked, we had our final exam and…we are now getting ready for our exhibition!!!
There are only three weeks to go before I can officially be called ‘Garden Designer’ and I am sooo over the moon! Plus, this month we have been treated with two amazing lectures from Cleve West and Andy Sturgeon, which complete the great experience we had with them at Chelsea Flower Show as KLC students, and their workshops in which I participated in September at I Maestri Del Paesaggio, in Bergamo. I am a very lucky person, isn’t?
{At Chelsea Flower Show, inside Andy Sturgeon's (on the left) and Cleve West's (on the right) gardens }

Before leave you again going back to my magic, beloved world of plants and sketches, I recommend you two exhibition:
David Nash at Kew Garden – Not only new sculptures have been added, but until 30th of this month you can enter the garden at only £10.00!

In the Greenhouse by David Rose c1930
{In the Greenhouse by David Rose c1930 - source }

CollectingCulture, From Cabbages to Kings at the Garden Museum - An intriguing collection of works of art illustrating all aspects of UK gardens&gardening  which has never been in public. I will definitively visit it!

Now, time to be back to my pencils…;)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Quick update ;)

Helloooo all!!!

I am very impress: despite few weeks passed since the last post, the number of visitors keep increasing… wow! J

The last weeks have been so busy and..wonderful!!!

After the incredible occasion to design the garden for the London Syon Park Waldorf Astoria Hotel (Hilton Group), and its well-appreciated presentation, I found myself immediately involved in the final project of my Diploma course (Yeaaaah: within 5 weeks I will officially be a GARDEN DESIGNER! Exams allowing, of course! ;P).

There have been so many, many unforeseen during this last project, but I continued to work undeterred, and I am soo proud of myself  and of what I did! J
Here a little preview of the design process:

Hope you are all well and feel inspired by the best gardener season: that one where ‘every leaf is a flower’ ...


...and the priceless and rewarding work of planning is at its best!!!J



Thursday, 27 September 2012

20 days of silence!!!!!

Oh, my pooor, dear, beloved blog!!!!

So many ideas, so many news and events... and only a little time left to enjoy the pleasure to sit in front of the laptop and share with you part of this incredible journey!!!

The main reason of my momentary silence is a FABULOUS PROJECT!!!

We are  designing infact the garden for a very well know Hotel in London!!! I am really enjoying this wonderful opportunity and the uncontrollable flow of ideas that comes from it... but I have to admit that it is costing in terms of time and..sleep! ;)

Here some preparatory sketches and rendering trials:

{Margins of a CAD drawing are the perfect place
where improvise a mood board
and some early free-hand sketches!

{ First rendering studio with Pantone markers}

As usual, feel free to write me (I promise I will do my best to reply between a CAD session and a Watercolour one! ;P) and.... see you sooooon!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Events in September!

Woooow!!! How quick the time is rushing!!! It is flowing away between my fingers....but I take it as a  good sign since I strongly believe that 'Time is Faster in Happiest Times!' :D

dali melting time wall clock Orologi dal muro moderni, design da appendere al muro

I spent my last month between my working experience at Great Dixter and 'I Maestri del Paesaggio' in Italy,   now I am getting ready to start my last term at KLC School of Design, and working hard to hand all my summer homeworks: the Construction File (with my hard-landscaping choices regarded 4 different situations), a well worn and used Sketchbook with my daily exercises, my first 1:50 model (a little bit crazy, to be honest with you! ;P), and an article in the style of the Garden Illustrated's 'Montly Plants'. Plenty to keep me busy and away from writing and share as much as I would like (Ok, I do not do just homework!!! I also have a life and enjoy socialize, stay outside and...cooking!!! :D)

I know that there will be some time to wait before I could publish everything I would, but in the meanwhile I leave you with.....


{Tiax / stockfreeimages.com}
- 14th to 23rd September - It is not strictly Garden-related but, you should know, inspiration can come from everywhere! So why do not visit the 'London Design Festival' at V&A museum? Going back home with plenty of new ideas and tons of inspiration...is guaranteed! :)

- 20th September - Free talk at Fulham Palace Garden Centre to help you choose the perfect bulbs for a containers garden

- Until 24th September - Last opportunity to visit David Nash sculptures exhibition at KEW garden.

- ALL THE MONTH: an incredibile range of events and courses is hosted at RHS Wisley Garden!!!!! There is something for everyone!!! :D From Photography courses to free talk events....and its famous Plant Fair as well!!! :D :D :D 
Also, the fascinating exibitions 'The Plant Seekers' at the Garden Museum it is still on (and will be there until next month!).

Of course, DO NOT FORGET to brownse the National Garden Scheme Website or its yellow book of gardens open for charity!!!! :D

ngs yellow book

I wish you all a great and inspiring month, 


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Come back soon!!!

Welcome back!!!
My long silence is due to a VERY VERY EXCITING month spent between England and Italy.
I have sooo much to share and show! Come back soon for a taste of it! :D

{'Piazza Vecchia', in Bergamo, became 'Piazza Verde' for 'I Maestri del
Paesaggio - International Meeting of the Landscape  and Garden

Thursday, 9 August 2012

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show - part3

One of the best thing of RHS Shows is the opportunity to see and questioning about new plants and cultivars, or maybe just discover again a forgotten species.

Today I want to share with you some of the plants that drawn my attention and that will look fab in a whenever a touch of white is required! :D

 {Agapanthus 'Tinkerbell' - a blue-flowered Agapanthus, but with unusual cream-variegated leaves, I find it very elegant, as the similar form named 'Silver Moon' - Pic source: www.smgrowers.com}
{ Acer Palmatum 'Oridono-nishiki' - This unusual Acer, shows variegated leaves with a hint of pink that recall me one other of my favourite plants: Actinidia kolomikta -  Pic source: http://www.pudelko.com.pl }

{Eryngium planum 'Jade Frost' - The Eryngium is a popular star of these last summers, and it is also well appreciated by our buzzing little friends, but it is not common to find one with a white-creamish rim like this! - Pic source: www.plantipp.eu}

{ Lunaria annua 'Variegata' - I love the fruits of this plant! Even more now that I can have them on a variegated-leaves plant! :D -  Pic source}

I also felt in love with:

  • Fuchsia 'Roualeyns White Gold', a 2012 novelty from Roualeyns nursery;
  • Myrtus communis tarentina 'Variegata', a fragrant and decorative bush whose scent will project you in a Mediterranean paradise;
  • Ornithogalum magnum, a very big Ornithogalum, as the name suggest!
  • Phalaris arundinacea 'Feesy', a very good-looking and ornamental grass;
  • Rhodohypoxis baurii, a little bulbous that I am sure will surprise you;

And last but not least, Thulbaghia violacea 'Silver Lace', that increased my love for Thulbaghias and that I can already see in my dream garden, in company of some Agapanthus 'Silver Moon'....

Ok, that day is a bit far away but..hey! Let me dream!!! :D

And what about you? Were there some plants that captured your heart at Hampton Court Flower Show?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Extra Post: What is happening here? :D

For same extraordinary reasons, the number of readers of my blog (mostly from UK, Italy, USA and Germany…and usually from Russia too) seems multiplied x 5 in just few days… I feel very honored and I am very happy to welcome you in this little cozy space …. But I also feel like when some very important and beloved guests appear on your front door in the middle of the spring cleaning, and your house is far less tidy and comfortable then you wish.

Source: Craftsvilla

So, let me better explain what is going here :D

As you can read on your right, I am an Italian Garden Design student based in London, and this blog is a little diary of my experience in England and in the journey of becoming  a good (and Eco!) Garden Designer, with the help of the fabulous team of KLC School. I usually post once a week, but I am planning some exciting news! J

My Planting Plan for 'The Garden Room', Hampton Court

I am used to have more ideas than what I can realize, and I am trying to take the maximum from this experience, so in every college-free time (and if I am not working on a very demanding project or homework ;P) is very likely you will find me drawing, browsing in a Garden, in a Park, in an Exhibition or in any sort of event (not necessary garden-related) that I think it might be useful to increase my knowledge, experience, creativity, skills or eco-sensibility.

Visiting 'The Water Gardens', Kingston

For all these reasons, I am afraid it is a bit untidy here and you will find some  posts that needs to be completed or undusted…

But please, appreciate my good heart and my enthusiasm in telling you about my life, the gardens I visits, the Mediterranean little pearl where I come from, or the huge opportunities I am having here thanks to my college, like for example working for Cleve West and Andy Sturgeon at Chelsea Flower Show and for Matthew Child  and Jo Hanslip at Hampton Court Flower Show , or have lecturer like Luciano Giubbilei, Sarah Price and  Tim Richardson.

Me and Matthew Childs in front of his awards-winning creation 'Light at the end of the tunnel',
RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2012

In this particular moment I am working on two projects, and preparing myself for a work-experience in one of the greatest British Garden… If you are curious about it…just continue to follow me… and feel  free to email me your opinion and thoughts ;D



Thursday, 2 August 2012

Events in August!

Can you belive it? Another month has gone! :) May and July where probably the best one to get some inspiration and new ideas, while with its courses, August seems the best one to improve our own knowledge and skills!

Tiax / stockfreeimages.com

- 4thand 5th August - Claremont Landscape is considered one of the finest gardens of the English Landscape style. Its own creation and development has involved great names in garden history, including Sir John Vanbrugh, Charles Bridgeman, William Kent and 'Capability' Brown. In 1726 it was described as 'the noblest of any in Europe' and the garden today is of national importance. In these two days, the Belvedere Tower (an Italian word that mean 'Good View') will be open to the pubblic and it will be a good occasion to see the garden from there and join the love for gardens with the interest of history. It is part of the of the National Trust and it is well connected with the pubblic service... another good reason why I am seriously planning to go! :)

- 8th August - Fruit identification day: plums, earlyapples and pears at Wisley. A free service to help you identify what it is growing in the garden. Times: 11am-1pm and 2-4pm.
- 8th August - On the same day at RHS Wisley Garden, Cultivate some colour: a half day course to learn how to propagate tender perennial
- 11th August -Agapanthus extravaganza: Dick Fulcher, Agapanthus national collection holder, will give a talk about these fascinating summer plants in the Plant Centre of RHS Wisley Garden, covering cultivation and care, range of plants, and how to use them in the garden.

- 18th and 19 August - Fuchsias in the Glasshouse - a new event held in the Glasshouse Gallery of Wisley Garden
- 21st August - Tree and Shrub Pruning course at Wisley Garden

- 25th August Close-up Photography one day course with Adrian Davies at Wisley Garden
- 25th August to 30th September - Surrey Sculpture Society trail: one of the largest exhibitions of sculpture in the country, on display at Wisley against the beautiful backdrop of the late summer garden.
- 30th August - Harvesting and preparing seed. Explore the best techniques and timings for harvesting, as well as when to sow and how to treat your seed to ensure maximum germination rates.
- 30th August to 16th September: I maestri delpaesaggio/Landscape masters - Even if this event will not be in London, but in Bergamo (Italy) it is worth mentioning! The list of partecipants is really mouth watering: Cleve West, Andy Sturgeon, Luciano Giubbilei, Peter Walker, Christian Dobrick,Gabriele G. Kiefer, John Brook just to name some...
      And even if you have never been to Italy it is a very confortable trip: direct flights starts from as little as £ 33.00, and take only two hours from Stansted airport to Orio al Serio Airport, where a bus brings you into the heart of the town in less then 30'. Couldn't be a nice idea for a weekend escape? :)

 As usual, do not forget to visit www.ngs.org.uk or to brownse your yellow book of gardens open for charity!
ngs yellow book

See you next week! :)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hampton Court Flower Show, part 1_ What inspired me most?

What glorious months for a Garden-Designer-To-Be! Between Lectures at the college, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Chelsea Fringe and the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show I have so many ideas in my mind that I do not have the time to draw one before another idea comes out! J

I already wrote about the first two events…(here and here!), but… what inspired me most at Hampton Flower Show? What touched my soul?  Keep reading…and prepare to be surprised!!! J

The garden that more then all has touched my heart… was ‘Summer in the Garden’, created by Arun Landscape (http://arunlandscapes.co.uk/) and part of the new category ‘Low Cost, High Impact’ gardens.

I understand that my taste could be questionable,  that the yellow wall may not be everyone cup of tea, and that someone could prefer a more formal atmosphere…. BUT I JUST LOVE THIS GARDEN!!! :D

I spent some moment in front of the garden everyday I was at the show, and I ranted the designer with dozens of questions!!! J

Why I love this garden sooo much? Because it is exactly how I imagine a perfect small garden!

1)      It is cosy, friendly, welcoming

2)      Even if from this picture you can not appreciate it at its best, it has got STRUCTURE (Hurray!!!!!)…that means that it will look beautiful, cosy, friendly and welcoming all seasons!

3)      Most of plants are commonly used in Mediterranean gardens, so I found easy to picture it in Sardinia!

4)      I just LOVE the two chairs made from reclaimed pallets (I LOVE using upcycled pallets!)

5)      I LOVE framed Sempervivum used as a living picture on the wall!

6)      The yellow walls could be too bright for the sunniest parts of Sardinia, but there at Hampton Court, under the rain and surrounded by mud, they were  like a sunny oasis that made you immediately feel on holiday despite the bad weather!

And I could continue on and on praising this garden!!! J

Here you find some of my shoots:

One of the other gardens that trilled me was the Poets’ retreat! http://www.rhs.org.uk/Shows-Events/RHS-Hampton-Court-Palace-Flower-Show/2012/Gardens/Garden-directory/The-Poets%E2%80%99-Retreat...

Too see more picture of Hampton Court Flower Show and of the other gardens that inspired and trilled me… just come back next week!!! JJJ

Monday, 2 July 2012

Early post on Hampton Court Flower Show!

I really can not wait until Thursday to share my joy! :)

After a long day of exams (Garden History, Construction, Plant Science and Horticulture), I received some really good news!!!! :) :) :)

This year, in the list of award winners of the Hampton Court Flower Show, three already-know faces/names appear!

They are Anoushka Feiler, Gold medal and Best Show Garden with her 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'...


...Jo Hanslip, Silver medal with her 'Free Fall'...


... and last but not least, Matthew Childs, Gold medal and Best Conceptual Garden with his 'Light at the end of the tube'!


Matthew is one of our lecturer (and my rescuer during some past CAD lessons :D), and all of them were Garden Design students at KLC...... Will I follow their footsteps? Let's work hard and hope so!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Events in July!

Have you experienced it?

In happiest times, time speed up...and so a Thursday post become a Friday one!!! :D
Eventually the weather is improving and plants are growing! J And everyday the gardens of the neighborhood show new delights!
If you are not blessed with so much creative neighbors, just take a look of this month agenda of London and surrounding! There are plenty of events where fill your eyes and learn news skills!
Tiax / stockfreeimages.com

2nd - Hurray!!!! Eventually RHS Lindley library reopens!!! :D Whether you are keen gardener, a famous garden designer or a plant enthusiast...it is an event to celebrate!
3rd to 8th -  Nostalgia of Chelsea?  HamptonCourt Palace Flower is back in its own wonderful venue! I cheer for Matthew Childs and his 'Light at the end of the tunnel' concept garden, based on his own experience of being injured in the 7 July 2005 bombing at Edgware Road station.

7th and 8th - Belvedere Tower Opening at Claremont Landscape garden.
9th - 'Medicinal herbs' at Loseley Park (Talk and Guided Tour).

14th - Luciano Giubbilei (free!!!) talk on Contemporary Garden Design at Wisley Plant centre.

15th -  Sabatino Urzo free talk on Mediterranean Flora at Wisley Plant centre. (Yes..they are both Italians...J

16th to 20th - Time to learn something new, or improve your own skills with the 'Aspects of botanical illustration' course at KEW.

17th - Inauguration of the 'Plant Seekers exhibition' at Garden Museum.

21st - Yuppie! Another great event: London Permaculture Festival at Regent Park. If you do not know what this strange word means ... today is the perfect day to find it out! :D

21st until 31th of August - Childs admitted free at RHS partner gardens. The right moment to show something different to your precious little one(s) and learn together something new!
During all the month: David Nash exhibition at KEW and North american landscape exhibition at the British Museum.

And last but not least... Don’t forget to check your Yellow Book of Gardens Open for Charity or its website for even more inspiring places to visit all around UK! J
As you can see, even if it is just a selection,  there is plenty of choice for every taste! Have you already plan your agenda of July? Where are you going? :)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Chelsea & 'Hard Landscape'

Can you believe it? One month has already gone since the launch of Chelsea Fringe and the start of Chelsea Flower Show!!!
After so many preparations&expectations, after so much wishing, planning, hoping and maybe budgeting...all is gone soo quickly! :)

But no time to cry: the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show is just around the corner to bring back that magic athmosphere that tickles all Garden Designers and Gardening enthusiasts!

In the mean time, I share with you 3 of my 'Hard landscape' favourites saw at Chelsea FS:

The first one is something really unusual for me:

It is a climber support from Jardins Animes . I find it interesting and full of potential, and I think I would easily find a place for it in a modern garden. Could you imagine , for example, a pair to welcome you in the front door, and two parallel rows placed in a minimalist, all green, modern backgarden? It would look amazing!

I believe it should be placed with care: its fairy athmosphere suggestions should be well considered to valorize a special garden and avoid to fail into the tawdry.

The second, are Brian Alabaster sculptures: Its life-size creations found a place in my heart since the first time I saw them.

And last but not least, the Jubilee Spiral by Gaze Burvill... I am really mad about it ! :)

What were your favourite this year?

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ok ok I skipped a Thursday...but I have a good excuse :D !

I took advantage of the Queen's diamond jubilee...

(Sources: 1 and 2 )

... to fly back in Sardinia and fill my eyes with lemons and Bougainvilleas,

Bougainvillea at my parent's house
my nose with the scent of the false jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides),

Parco dell'ex Vetreria - Cagliari
and my heart with the view of 'my' sea...

Source: Unione Sarda

and an afternoon walk at the Park of Music...

Would you be able to resist?

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Today my happiness is directly proportional to the soreness of my feet, and even if I went back home about one hour ago... a huge smile is still printed on my face!

Could you guess why??? Oh yes, exactly: I was at Chelsea Flower Show! :D

And this is only the icing on the cake of very exciting week!

Therefore, come back soon: I have a lot of information, impressions and picture to share with you! :D

In the meanwhile...could you guess where this picture was taken?

Me, tired but happy after the evening spent in one of the best gardens of the show... could you guess which one?

Thursday, 17 May 2012

London Tour!

While waiting for Chelsea Fringe and Chelsea Flower Show, I had a successful tour of London's park and green walls!

I can not wait to share it with you! But unfortunatelly it is a soo busy and out-of-the-ordinary-week!
Please, be patient and come back soon! :D


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Chelsea Flower Show and Chelsea Fringe!

I can't belive it! Only few days to the world most famous flower show!
I'm sooooo delighted that this year, for my first time, I will be there in person! And I can't wait the time... I am sure I will be back at home with loads of ispirations and new knowledges :)

Chelsea Fringe Icon

I will also volunteer at Chelsea Fringe, an explosive, brand new festival, that from 19th of May to 10th of June will animate London and surrondings! Be sure to check the interactive map on the website to find the nearest (most of them free!) events near you!

David Harber – 'Open Squares'

I am sure you will agree: this is a really exciting month for a Garden Designer to be! :D 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Events in May!

Events in May bloom at the same speed as the dandelion!

Here just few of the MANY (hundreds!) in and around London:
Until 2 May - Auricula Spectacular , a displey at Wisley plant centre
3/7 May - Contemporary Craft and Design Fair at RHS Wisley Garden

5 May - Portraits of leaves and fungi  at Kew Gardens

5/13 May - Grand Design London Show at London Exel

9 May - B'ugs and Beast: ecouraging wildlife into your garden,' a talk with RHS's Principal Enthomologist Andrew Halstead at RHS Wisley Garden

10 May - Growing Tomatoes and Peppers - Free talking at Fulham Palace Garden Centre, no needs to book!

10 May - 14 June:  Learn to Draw and Paint with Naomi Lyons at RHS Wisley Garden , a series of five workshops. I wish I could go!!!!! :)

19 May - 10 June: Chelsea Fringe , a brand new festival!

22/26 May: CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW! But I am sure you already knew it! :)

24 May - Lavenders - Free talking at Fulham Palace Garden Centre, no needs to book!

26 May - Photography morning at RHS Wisley Garden

Do not forget to check your precious Yellow book of Gardens open for charity, or to take a look on-line if you do not have it! (maybe you are more 'ecogood' of me and don't want to waste paper/ink!)

The Yellow Garden Book