Thursday, 27 September 2012

20 days of silence!!!!!

Oh, my pooor, dear, beloved blog!!!!

So many ideas, so many news and events... and only a little time left to enjoy the pleasure to sit in front of the laptop and share with you part of this incredible journey!!!

The main reason of my momentary silence is a FABULOUS PROJECT!!!

We are  designing infact the garden for a very well know Hotel in London!!! I am really enjoying this wonderful opportunity and the uncontrollable flow of ideas that comes from it... but I have to admit that it is costing in terms of time and..sleep! ;)

Here some preparatory sketches and rendering trials:

{Margins of a CAD drawing are the perfect place
where improvise a mood board
and some early free-hand sketches!

{ First rendering studio with Pantone markers}

As usual, feel free to write me (I promise I will do my best to reply between a CAD session and a Watercolour one! ;P) and.... see you sooooon!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Events in September!

Woooow!!! How quick the time is rushing!!! It is flowing away between my fingers....but I take it as a  good sign since I strongly believe that 'Time is Faster in Happiest Times!' :D

dali melting time wall clock Orologi dal muro moderni, design da appendere al muro

I spent my last month between my working experience at Great Dixter and 'I Maestri del Paesaggio' in Italy,   now I am getting ready to start my last term at KLC School of Design, and working hard to hand all my summer homeworks: the Construction File (with my hard-landscaping choices regarded 4 different situations), a well worn and used Sketchbook with my daily exercises, my first 1:50 model (a little bit crazy, to be honest with you! ;P), and an article in the style of the Garden Illustrated's 'Montly Plants'. Plenty to keep me busy and away from writing and share as much as I would like (Ok, I do not do just homework!!! I also have a life and enjoy socialize, stay outside!!! :D)

I know that there will be some time to wait before I could publish everything I would, but in the meanwhile I leave you with.....


{Tiax /}
- 14th to 23rd September - It is not strictly Garden-related but, you should know, inspiration can come from everywhere! So why do not visit the 'London Design Festival' at V&A museum? Going back home with plenty of new ideas and tons of guaranteed! :)

- 20th September - Free talk at Fulham Palace Garden Centre to help you choose the perfect bulbs for a containers garden

- Until 24th September - Last opportunity to visit David Nash sculptures exhibition at KEW garden.

- ALL THE MONTH: an incredibile range of events and courses is hosted at RHS Wisley Garden!!!!! There is something for everyone!!! :D From Photography courses to free talk events....and its famous Plant Fair as well!!! :D :D :D 
Also, the fascinating exibitions 'The Plant Seekers' at the Garden Museum it is still on (and will be there until next month!).

Of course, DO NOT FORGET to brownse the National Garden Scheme Website or its yellow book of gardens open for charity!!!! :D

ngs yellow book

I wish you all a great and inspiring month, 


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Come back soon!!!

Welcome back!!!
My long silence is due to a VERY VERY EXCITING month spent between England and Italy.
I have sooo much to share and show! Come back soon for a taste of it! :D

{'Piazza Vecchia', in Bergamo, became 'Piazza Verde' for 'I Maestri del
Paesaggio - International Meeting of the Landscape  and Garden