Saturday, 26 April 2014

Tulips galore at Great Dixter!

Welcome back at Mercurelli's :)

As May approach things are hotting up at fast pace. The iconic RHS Chelsea Flower Show and the exhuberant Chelsea Fringe Festival are around the corner, and I just started a new collaboration with GROW London, which I am very enthusiast about and of which I will tell more in another post. One of the two Twickenham gardens has been completed on perfect schedule and the one in Teddington is on its way.

Great Dicter House, tulips in the porch - Photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{Tulips display in the porch}
But you know, a Garden Designer is never arrived and even in a such busy time of the year it is essential to find time for planning, brainstorming and learning. And when your 'learning day' is a day a Great Dixter, side by side with Fergus Garrett... well...there isn't much more you can ask for!

Once there I could not avoid capturing all this colour feast for you!

Great Dixter Wall Garden Tulip Pots Display - Photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{Tulip Pots display in the Wall Garden}

Wall Garden at Great Dixter - Photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{A romantic border in the Wall Garden}

Myosotis, Tulipa and Lunaria annua in the Wall Garden, Great Dixter - Photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{Myosotis sp, Tulipa, Lunaria annua}

One of the most well-know Garden Design principles: Repetition is the Key! - Tulips, Myosotis, Lunaria annua in the Wall Garden, Great Dixter - Photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{One of the most well-know Design principles: repetition is the key!}

Vibrant tulips display in front of Great Dixter House porch - Photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{Vibrant pots display in front of the Porch}

Blue Myosotis and yellow lily-flowered tulips (possibly Tulipa 'West Point' at Great Dixter Gardens - Photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{Yellow lily-flowered Tulips (Possibly Tulipa 'West Point'), and Blue Myosotis}
A riot of colours! Tulips in the Vegetable Garden, Great Dixter - Photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{A riot of colours in the Vegetable Garden}
Tulipa, Euphorbia and Myosotis in the Orchard Garden, Great Dixter - Photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{Scent and vibrant colours for the Orchard Garden}
Tulipa, Lunaria annua var. albiflora and acid-green Bupleurum in the Long Border, Great Dixter Gardens - Photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{Candid Tulipa, Lunaria annua var. albiflora and acid-green Bupleurum in the Long Border}
{View of the Lutyens' circular steps from the Orchard} 
Tulip combination at Great Dixter Garden - Photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{Tulipa and Myosotis gain, definitively a great combination!}
Tulipa and Myosotis plant combination at Great Dixter Garden - Shoot from Lutyens' Circular Steps by Noemi Mercurelli
{A last shot from the Lutyens' Circular Steps before come back home!}

I will be at Great Dixter again this Monday, for a Study Day on Succession Planting, part of the 'KLC Great Dixter Award for Horticulture Award' prize. Please feel free to join me me on Twitter for live photos! 

I wish you a lovely and bright new week, 

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter 2014!!!

Wishing you a Fantastic Easter!

Great Dixter Border Spring 2014
{Photo: Great Dixter Long Border}

May the joy of the Resurrection fills your days, 

your homes and your workplaces! 

(P.S. And Happy BBQs with the Family!)


Friday, 11 April 2014

Wordless Friday: Sardinian colours, textures and inspirations!

I hope you will forgive me if, for once, I move the Wordless day post to Friday... 
Since the last post my 'Designer-life' has been a succession of drawings, visits, meetings, talks... 
So much work folks, but soo rewarding!

Mercurelli Sardinia Collage

In all of this, I somehow managed to spend few days in Sardinia, from where my inspiration often come from. These time I did not observe costal landscapes and turquoise waters, but the suburb wildnerness that frame Cagliari, the chief town. I hope you will enjoy its colours and textures as much as I did!
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Rusted gate of Sardinia Garden
{Rusted, Old Gate. A new one woudn't be as charming!}

Daisies and Opuntia... a soft & thorny plant combination!
{An Opuntia and an Asteracea - A Soft/Thorny suggestive combination}

wild Cerinthe major in Sardinian Garden
{Wild Cerinthe major - YES, in Sardinia they are already out and YELLOW!}

Old Fiat 500, Opuntia, & Reed fence in Barraccamanna, Sardinia
{An old Fiat 500, an Opuntia and local reed Fence. That's Barraccamanna!}

Wild Sardinian Plant Cenosis
{One of the many wild cenosis. Simply perfect!}

Barraccamanna - Sardinian suburb landscape
{A wild/suburb Landscape, few minutes away from Cagliari's Airport}

Rusted gate lock - Sardinia
{Rusted Gate Lock of a vacant plot: which (botanical) secrets will it hide?}
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