Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wordless Wednesdays: Autumn at Hampton Court!

I am soo lucky to live in the middle point between RHS Wisley Garden and Kew Gardens, two of the most inspiring Gardens of England. And just 10 mins from Hampton Court, the fabulous royal residence on the Thames where Capability Brown lived and worked for nearly 20 years.

I love walking through the 'Wilderness' up to his former house, imaging how was the garden at his times and admiring the suave change of the seasons and of colours...


{Under these leaves, thousands of daffodils are getting ready to amaze us!!!}

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wordless Wednesdays: Autum at KEW Gardens!

Hello and Welcome back at Mercurelli's!
This past few days have been quite diverse and I cannot count my blessings!
I put down pencil & mouse and I spent the week out, working again with Julia Wylie, attending the SGD Autumn Conference, the Futurescape Show... and visiting KEW Gardens again!
I am soo luckly to have them, Wisley and Hampton Court Gardens on my doorstep, and I often wish to can bring all of you with me in my pocket during these garden tours and visits!
Waiting for a magic laptop transporter screen, here the photos of the day:
The tour started with the Japanese Garden, my favourite spot!
{A Fantastic View of the Japanese Garden}

{I Love how the Pachisandra terminalis 'Green Carpet' has been used!}

{Visitors having a closer look!}

{The 'Gateway of the Imperial Messenger'
 is a replica of the gate of Nishi Hongan in Kyoto}

...Then it continued on the Tree Walk...
{Lift to the Tree Walk. I think it comes from Mars!}

{Fantastic View of the Glasshouse from the Tree Walk}

{On the opposite side, you can spot the Pagoda
borrowed from the Japanese Landscape }
{Close-up on the Pagoda. This beauty was completed in 1762}
  ...and we ended up at the Palm House, after a fantastic cake at the Orangery cafè! 
{A Precious detail from the Palm House ceiling}
{View from the top of the glasshouse. Could spend hours up here!}
{Fantastic details of the Pal House, dating back to the 1848!}
{How resist to such exquisite details?  They make me want
to spend hours sketching and photographing them!}

I hope you enjoyed this week feature and that you will feel free to Pin your favourite photos!

And you? Have you got a very special Park or Garden close to you that it is looking glorious in its Autumn vest? Let us know!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Wordless Wednesdays: Bring the garden indoors!

What can you do when the weather outside is really horrible
 and you terribly miss being  in the garden?
Simply! You just invite it indoors!
{for sources and more inspiration,
 please click on the images!}
DIY: Tree Branch Lamp
rustic table!
Terrain Birch Bark Tray  #shopterrain
Montana ranch birch four-poster bed via Elle Décor
And you? What do you do to bring the garden indoor?
Please feel free to share your tips and idea below
and to have a look at my 'Bring the Garden Inside!' board
 for more inspirational pictures .
Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wordless Wednesdays: RHS Wisley Garden & The Surrey Sculpures Society Trial

Welcome back to another Worless Wednesday!
They are becoming quite popular among readears and I hope you will enjoy this week feature as much as I did taking these pictures!

{Grasses and Drought tolerant plants, a lovely view from the library}

{The 3 Graces, Malcolm West, Bronze Resin, £2.990}

{Verbena bonariensis, a designer favourite!}

{Cirque De La Vie, Gill Brown, Bronze, £ 3.500}

{Grasses: heights, shapes and depths - Doesn't it look painted?}

{Arbour Metallium, Mark Reed, Forged Steel£Stainless Steel, £15.850}

{An Echinacea 'Sea' - Bees and butterflies love it!}

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