Thursday, 31 January 2013

Quick update & Terrace Inspiration! :)

Wow! What a fab (and fast!) week!!! :):):)

I am working on two projects now, and a lot of seeds keep coming from the SOL. I dusted my old French and I am eventually back to Vectorworks, my favourite CAD program... which make life easier and works more accurate! :)

{Visual in progress with Sketch-up Pro}

I already started to write the next post (February Agenda!) and I am ready to start another busy day...but before that I can not help to share one of my latest findings with you:

{© Andrea Jones/Garden Exposures Photo Library - source here}

It is Sue Dubois Garden in London, designed by Joe Swift and The Plant Room. It is the clear example that limited space does not mean have to compromize on design! {The master plan can be seen in The book of GardenPlan by Andrew Wilson, one of my favourite!}.

What do you think about it?



Monday, 28 January 2013

New Blog, New FB Page and...Seeds {giveaway!!!}

My FB page and  new blog have just been launched and as anticipated here, I would love to hear what you think about! :) Do you like them? Are they easy to read and browse? Is there anything you would like to suggest?

{photo source}
As a special way to celebrate, to thank for your comments, and to give another chance to all the 'Seeds of Love' friends,  on Tuesday 5th February I will draw through 6 people among those that have left a comment here or on Mercurelli's GD facebook page {N.B.: 3 people from the blog and 3 from the FB page}. These lucky folk will receive a personalized set of seed packets, individually selected to better suit the uniqueness of their own garden/terrace/green corner.

How to partecipate? Very Simple! 
1) Leave a comment with your suggestions/appreciations here under this post or on my FB Page before midnight (GMT time) of Monday 4th February.
2) {Optional} Leave a comment on both of them to double your possibilities! :)
3) Keep finger crossed or have a look to the past posts in the meantime!
Good luck! :)

Looking foward to reading your comments!



A brand new Blog!!! {before&after!}

How exciting!!! :):):)
I am very please to WELCOME YOU in my NEW BLOG!!! :)

Thanks to the talented R.G.'Atzo' {a creative young man gifted as a Graphic Designer as much as a Musician and Composer} the blog is now as I wished! Modern, feminine and with splashes of vibrant colours here and there :) I am so pleased with it! :)

Here some 'Before&After' pictures...

The new banner shows my definitive logo, and the ready-available background is now replaced with a very personal one: it is one of my drawings! :)

The profile and the picture have been updated...and the sidebar has been reorganized!

 Overall... a very big change!!!! But I am terribly pleased with it!!! What to you think?!?!?! :):):)

But it is not all!!! I also lauched 'Mercurelli's Garden Design' page on Facebook, that is now linked to my twitter account. Plenty to keep you busy until the end of the frosts! :)




Thursday, 24 January 2013

Seeds of love 2013 - Winners and surprises!

What amazing days!!! Thanks to Isabella and her great iniziative, in just 4 days I have been catapulted in a frenetic and enthusiast community of Garden-Lovers spread through all the Europe!


I met a lot of new people, found talented photographers, many interesting blogs and  .... I even won a lot of seeds!!!! :D :D :D Could have been more enjoyable? :) :) :)

Pinned Image

Isabella asked everyone to offer at least 3 different kind of seeds and to extract at least 3 partecipants.
I chose a combination of 5 sun-lover plants in a very warm palette, and through I extracted 3 lucky people...

59 ---> Laurent, who brings at home Oryza sativa 'Black Madras', 
Hibiscus trionum 'Simply Love'
  and Libertia grandiflora  .
31 ---> Eddy, who brings at home Hibiscus trionum 'Simply Love' and Helianthus annuus 'Total Eclipse'
37 ---> Zoraly, who brings at home Oryza sativa 'Black Madras', Hibiscus trionum 'Simply Love'  and Libertia grandiflora   as well!

The number of available seeds was not enough to extract other numbers... but the  Tropaeolum majus 'Tom Thumb Mixed' seeds were waiting to explore the I scrolled the list until I found someone ready to welcome them  in their garden: Lydie and RĂ©gine, numbers 10 & 12!

It seemed all settled... BUT there have been so lovely partecipants, so  fabulous people and I could not even think about leave the other  with bare hands (or bare pots!!!). My profession (and passion!) has led me to have a little collection of very interesting seeds...however most of them are in very limited quantities... how send them without hurt anyone? And how to decide what to send to who? 

I was thinking about it...when my eye crossed the sketchbook with my ideas for the new blog... Mumble Mumble...

And suddently I found!!! The next 50 hours will see the birth of my New Blog and of Mercurelli's Garden Design FB page ... I cannot wait and I keep wondering what people will think about them! So...why do not combine the two!?!?!?

Would be very useful to me to know your impression and thought about to give another opportunity to those who have not been extracted... I will offer 6 PERSONALIZED SEEDS  COMBINATION to 6 people extracted between the Blog and the FB page!

Details will follow soon! :)

Hope you will appreciate my idea and that all SOL partecipants enjoyed this great great event! :)

Thanks so much Isabelle!!!!


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Seeds of Love 2013!!!! - I am taking part! :)

'Seeds of Love' is a great contest created by Isabelle of 'A little Bit of Paradise', aiming to spread the love for plants through a great seed swapping event which involves partecipants from all Europe, mostly from Belgium, France and Italy.


Each partecipant offers some seeds and by leaving a comment on another partecipant's page, could win the desired seeds of his/her choice. You can find the complete regulation here and the list of seeds here (there is a web translator on the left to help you in case you don't speak French ;P)

Lead by the example of Tiziana e Maurizio I could not resist from taking part, and considering the very romantic palette of seeds already offered, I chose 5 heartwarming plants which colours range from white to deep brown.

1) Oryza sativa 'Black Madras' - from the Eden Project.
A cultivated deep-brown leaf form of edible rice. Will suit a sunny/partly shaded area of the garden and will grow well in pots. Eco-tip? Great where the rain is abundant, avoid it in dry condition due to the amount of water required. Aprox 40cm high.

2) Hibiscus trionum 'Simply Love' - from the Eden Project.
Attractive creamy yellow blossoms with a chocolate-maroon centre. Originating in Africa, will suit a sunny and warm position in the garden. A curiosity? It is called 'The flower of the hour' because the wild species blooms for just one hour in the morning. Aprox 75cm high.

3) Helianthus annuus 'Total Eclipse'.
A delighful and contrasting colour blend of flowers and leaves. Plant in full sun. Aprox 60cm high.

4) Libertia grandiflora - Handpicked seeds from the Garden Museum.
I felt in love with this genre when planting in the 20th century garden of Hampton Court. A useful perennial that will suit a sunny, well-drained spot of the garden. I love its colour changes through the seasons. Aprox 90cm high.

5) Tropaeolum majus 'Tom Thumb Mixed'.
Last but not least, an easy and fast annual that is perfect to quickly fill gaps left by growing perennials/shrubs. Its vibrant colour is perfect to cheer the mood. It is also perfect for container, it is edible (in small quantities!) and encourage pollinators. What can you ask more? Sunny and well drained position. Aprox 30cm high.

Here my earthy-colour choices...hope you will enjoy them! ;)


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Events in January!

It is late, and it has been another busy, long day...but I cannot help to smile.

I have been back in UK just one week ago and yet I have been in Cornwall, visited the Eden Project and other Cornish beauties, attended a truly interesting SGD event and I am just back from the Chelsea Fringe meeting at the Garden Museum. Tomorrow I will be at Wisley for the 'Butterflies in the Glasshouse'.

{David Hanson Photograph. Recipe here}

The amazing journey that I started one year ago is demanding, but repays me everyday and I love it! I feel very lucky and grateful for that! A big sense of peace is in me while writing this new post and sipping a lovely cinnamon tea. It is soo rewarding to have the opportunity to follow my own dreams and I would never be thankful enough for all the opportunities I have been given!

It is also very rewarding this particular moment where it is too cold to get outside and you can indulge in garden related readings, while planning new sowings and imagining how your garden will look like in few months time. This is a time full of expectations!

{Tiax /}

But it is not the moment to stop visiting gardens! Actually it is the best one to concentrate your thoughts on structure and extend visual interest. Here just a tiny selection of events and places across London who might inspire you:

- 12th January to 24th February - 'Butterflies in the Glasshouse' at Wisley
- 26th & 27th January - 'The Big Birdwatch with the RSPB' at Wisley
- 28th January- It is not London Area, but I cannot help to mention February Study Day at Great Dixter, the garden where my mind constantly goes since this summer's working experience.
- 30th January - The first of two Butterfly Photography Mornings at Wisley.
- During all the month, you wll be able to see Emma Stothard willow and steel wire sculpture at Wisley, and David Nash masterworks at Kew.

There are not NGS Gardens open for Charity this month in London Area, but always it is worthy a visit to their website.

{ngs yellow book}

Next posts? I will write about my adventures and garden visits of the past year, and how to replicate them by yourself; I will tell you more about my tomorrow visit and about 'Seed of Love', a lovely and international seed swap.

In the meantime, I wait for you on Twitter!!! :)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Quick update! ;)

Hello again lovely plant-lovers of the world!!! :)

My grandiose posts plans for the week have been quickly blown away from the lovely Rachel and Katharina (you will hear again the name of these talented girls!!!), who literally dragged me in one of the most amazing places I have never seen: The Eden Project!

Thanks to these amazing girls, I admired for the first  time the wonders of Cornwall, visited The Eden Project,  relaxed in the most cosy and lovely English cottage I never saw, and I even saw Stonehenge!

{Stonehenge - source}
My working and blogging plans had to adjust slightly but… It definitively worth it!!! Don’t you think? ;)

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of us, Garden Lovers spread throughout the world! :D :D :D 

How did you celebrated the latest holiday season? :) I celebrated Christmas and New Year in Sardinia, my homeland...where after 5 months spent in the opposite part of Europe, I could eventually spend some time with my dearest ones tasting all my favourite Italian dishes (Thanks daddy!! :P) and walking on 'my' beloved Poetto beach :) 

As you may know, this past year has been a memorable, exciting one for me! :) And its last gift has been a dedicated post on my favourite Italian blog! {If you do not know it already, grab a huge cup of tea, send kids to bed&partner on holiday and... prepare yourself to get lost in this amazing blog!}

What to expect for this new year?!?!? Thousand of plans, projects and ideas have been formulated during these past busy months...There will be some major changes in my life...and some changes will involve this blog as well!!! :) There will be more posts, and a complete blog renovation, stating with a new logo and format.... 

Next weeks posts will include a photojourney through all the major events of the past year, with tips/addresses/info on how to repeat the experience on yourself (!!!) and...I will share my 2013 resolutions....hoping to inspire (and by inspired by) you!

In the meantime, what are your new year resolutions?