Thursday, 29 March 2012

Events in April!

With the approach of warm season, the number of events related to Plant's Word in getting bigger!!! Here just a few in and around London!

1st - Last day to visit 'From Garden City to Green City' exhibition at Garden Museum and 'Birds of Prey' at RHS Wisley garden.
3rd - Launch of 'Permaculture design guide' at Passing clouds, Hackney.

10th&11th - RHS Great London Plant Fair, RHS Horticultural Halls, Westminster.

11th - Tulip Day at Horticultural Halls Conference Centre (free for RHS members - Book on 08456121253)

14th&15th - Auricola Spectacular - Bill Lockyer (Chelsea Gold Medallist) 's display - Winsley, plant centre - free

15th - Orchid cultivation - one day course at Winsley

16th to 22nd - National Gardening weeks.
Many events. At Winsley and Garden Museum there will be inspirational talks and various activities!!!

19th - 'Planting summer containers' day at Fulham Garden Centre

20th to 22ndRHS Show Cardiff

21st - Ashwood nursery John Garden open £ 4.50

22st -  Sustainable gardening with impact - Talk about greener gardening by designer Alice Bowe - free - Winsley Plant centre
28th - Photography Morning at Wisley

29th - Spring Plants and Gardens Fair at Garden Museum



Thursday, 22 March 2012


Besides buying books (;P), this week I also went to Landscape Show at Olympia (
It was great to follow the Scott seminar abour green walls costs and maintainance, and I was very happy to met () pottery
Italian nurseries

Also, today I went to ECOBUILD...but this is another post! ;)


Green Shopping (!!!)

I'm back!:) It has been really hard to don't write, but I really wanted to maintain my intentions! :):):)
What's happen this past week?

I had some 'Green Shopping'!:):):)
You have to know that this year my New-Year-List-of-Good-Intentions, included the voice: "try to live as ecofriendly as I can'... and I proposed myself to buy as much 'already loved' that I could.
I started with great enthusiasm, especially when I discovered that charity shops were full of interesting Gardening/Plants/Design related books...and the fact that I was also helping child/hospitals/people in trouble, together with the great excuse 'I have to read more books to improve my English', helped this enthusiasm to grow! :)

At one point, facing the fact that my collection was increasing out of control and that I wished to save for some little projects... I decided to buy STRICTLY-NEEDED-BOOK only!

But then....while walking far from home...I crossed the window of an Oxfam shop...and there I 'failed'!:) I entered 'for a quick look only'...and I went out with these:

Then few days later I went to the library to return some books...and even before I did it, I had these in hands:

I didn't realized how many books I bought until I put them together to take the pictures!! LOL!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Let's get started!

Hi all,

eventually after so much time thinking and weighing...I started my blog!

It is born with the aim to share my wonderful journey in world of Garden Design and my experiences here in England.

Even if I'm very excited about the blog, and can't wait the time to improve it and write a lot of interesting (and followed!) posts, I'm aware that blogging could be very time consuming. So, for the moment, I will write only once at week to give plenty of time to my studies and garden plans.

Hope you will enjoy every single bit of it!