Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A creative family...

Welcome back!

{Foto: Federico Gaudino}

I am so excited to write here, after over two months (how did it happen?!?) of silence... and this time, for once, I am not going to talk about my garden adventures, nor about my latest visit to David Austen Roses, the German sourcing trip for Bestique Design or the lovely project in central London that will be completed in April... Nor the Chelsea Fringe Festival...

{foto: Federico Gaudino}

This time I am going to introduce you to a young (...well...grizzled...;P) talent, a man who left his home, friend and beautiful island to follow his design dreams (this sound familiar!!) and which creativeness cannot be constrained within one single discipline...  It is with great pleasure that I am introducing Federico Gaudino, multidisciplinary designer, winner of  several design contests and considered one of the most talentful emerging Italian creative mind. We will be soon hear more about the meantime, please have a look at his new website and to some of his most popular creations (you might well have one of them at home!) and come to meet him in person at the next Milano Design Week!

{foto: Federico Gaudino}
In the meantime, I may well order a OohIssa bookend or a Magazine 3... my new office need them soo much!!!

{Magazine 3 by Federico Gaudino}

A presto!!!