Friday, 23 November 2012

Last exam and... final countdown! :)

Hellooo again!!! J

Wow, I feel so much lighter now! J The final project has been handed and positively marked, we had our final exam and…we are now getting ready for our exhibition!!!
There are only three weeks to go before I can officially be called ‘Garden Designer’ and I am sooo over the moon! Plus, this month we have been treated with two amazing lectures from Cleve West and Andy Sturgeon, which complete the great experience we had with them at Chelsea Flower Show as KLC students, and their workshops in which I participated in September at I Maestri Del Paesaggio, in Bergamo. I am a very lucky person, isn’t?
{At Chelsea Flower Show, inside Andy Sturgeon's (on the left) and Cleve West's (on the right) gardens }

Before leave you again going back to my magic, beloved world of plants and sketches, I recommend you two exhibition:
David Nash at Kew Garden – Not only new sculptures have been added, but until 30th of this month you can enter the garden at only £10.00!

In the Greenhouse by David Rose c1930
{In the Greenhouse by David Rose c1930 - source }

CollectingCulture, From Cabbages to Kings at the Garden Museum - An intriguing collection of works of art illustrating all aspects of UK gardens&gardening  which has never been in public. I will definitively visit it!

Now, time to be back to my pencils…;)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Quick update ;)

Helloooo all!!!

I am very impress: despite few weeks passed since the last post, the number of visitors keep increasing… wow! J

The last weeks have been so busy and..wonderful!!!

After the incredible occasion to design the garden for the London Syon Park Waldorf Astoria Hotel (Hilton Group), and its well-appreciated presentation, I found myself immediately involved in the final project of my Diploma course (Yeaaaah: within 5 weeks I will officially be a GARDEN DESIGNER! Exams allowing, of course! ;P).

There have been so many, many unforeseen during this last project, but I continued to work undeterred, and I am soo proud of myself  and of what I did! J
Here a little preview of the design process:

Hope you are all well and feel inspired by the best gardener season: that one where ‘every leaf is a flower’ ...


...and the priceless and rewarding work of planning is at its best!!!J