Friday, 29 June 2012

Events in July!

Have you experienced it?

In happiest times, time speed up...and so a Thursday post become a Friday one!!! :D
Eventually the weather is improving and plants are growing! J And everyday the gardens of the neighborhood show new delights!
If you are not blessed with so much creative neighbors, just take a look of this month agenda of London and surrounding! There are plenty of events where fill your eyes and learn news skills!
Tiax /

2nd - Hurray!!!! Eventually RHS Lindley library reopens!!! :D Whether you are keen gardener, a famous garden designer or a plant is an event to celebrate!
3rd to 8th -  Nostalgia of Chelsea?  HamptonCourt Palace Flower is back in its own wonderful venue! I cheer for Matthew Childs and his 'Light at the end of the tunnel' concept garden, based on his own experience of being injured in the 7 July 2005 bombing at Edgware Road station.

7th and 8th - Belvedere Tower Opening at Claremont Landscape garden.
9th - 'Medicinal herbs' at Loseley Park (Talk and Guided Tour).

14th - Luciano Giubbilei (free!!!) talk on Contemporary Garden Design at Wisley Plant centre.

15th -  Sabatino Urzo free talk on Mediterranean Flora at Wisley Plant centre. (Yes..they are both Italians...J

16th to 20th - Time to learn something new, or improve your own skills with the 'Aspects of botanical illustration' course at KEW.

17th - Inauguration of the 'Plant Seekers exhibition' at Garden Museum.

21st - Yuppie! Another great event: London Permaculture Festival at Regent Park. If you do not know what this strange word means ... today is the perfect day to find it out! :D

21st until 31th of August - Childs admitted free at RHS partner gardens. The right moment to show something different to your precious little one(s) and learn together something new!
During all the month: David Nash exhibition at KEW and North american landscape exhibition at the British Museum.

And last but not least... Don’t forget to check your Yellow Book of Gardens Open for Charity or its website for even more inspiring places to visit all around UK! J
As you can see, even if it is just a selection,  there is plenty of choice for every taste! Have you already plan your agenda of July? Where are you going? :)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Chelsea & 'Hard Landscape'

Can you believe it? One month has already gone since the launch of Chelsea Fringe and the start of Chelsea Flower Show!!!
After so many preparations&expectations, after so much wishing, planning, hoping and maybe budgeting...all is gone soo quickly! :)

But no time to cry: the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show is just around the corner to bring back that magic athmosphere that tickles all Garden Designers and Gardening enthusiasts!

In the mean time, I share with you 3 of my 'Hard landscape' favourites saw at Chelsea FS:

The first one is something really unusual for me:

It is a climber support from Jardins Animes . I find it interesting and full of potential, and I think I would easily find a place for it in a modern garden. Could you imagine , for example, a pair to welcome you in the front door, and two parallel rows placed in a minimalist, all green, modern backgarden? It would look amazing!

I believe it should be placed with care: its fairy athmosphere suggestions should be well considered to valorize a special garden and avoid to fail into the tawdry.

The second, are Brian Alabaster sculptures: Its life-size creations found a place in my heart since the first time I saw them.

And last but not least, the Jubilee Spiral by Gaze Burvill... I am really mad about it ! :)

What were your favourite this year?

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ok ok I skipped a Thursday...but I have a good excuse :D !

I took advantage of the Queen's diamond jubilee...

(Sources: 1 and 2 )

... to fly back in Sardinia and fill my eyes with lemons and Bougainvilleas,

Bougainvillea at my parent's house
my nose with the scent of the false jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides),

Parco dell'ex Vetreria - Cagliari
and my heart with the view of 'my' sea...

Source: Unione Sarda

and an afternoon walk at the Park of Music...

Would you be able to resist?