Thursday, 17 January 2013

Events in January!

It is late, and it has been another busy, long day...but I cannot help to smile.

I have been back in UK just one week ago and yet I have been in Cornwall, visited the Eden Project and other Cornish beauties, attended a truly interesting SGD event and I am just back from the Chelsea Fringe meeting at the Garden Museum. Tomorrow I will be at Wisley for the 'Butterflies in the Glasshouse'.

{David Hanson Photograph. Recipe here}

The amazing journey that I started one year ago is demanding, but repays me everyday and I love it! I feel very lucky and grateful for that! A big sense of peace is in me while writing this new post and sipping a lovely cinnamon tea. It is soo rewarding to have the opportunity to follow my own dreams and I would never be thankful enough for all the opportunities I have been given!

It is also very rewarding this particular moment where it is too cold to get outside and you can indulge in garden related readings, while planning new sowings and imagining how your garden will look like in few months time. This is a time full of expectations!

{Tiax /}

But it is not the moment to stop visiting gardens! Actually it is the best one to concentrate your thoughts on structure and extend visual interest. Here just a tiny selection of events and places across London who might inspire you:

- 12th January to 24th February - 'Butterflies in the Glasshouse' at Wisley
- 26th & 27th January - 'The Big Birdwatch with the RSPB' at Wisley
- 28th January- It is not London Area, but I cannot help to mention February Study Day at Great Dixter, the garden where my mind constantly goes since this summer's working experience.
- 30th January - The first of two Butterfly Photography Mornings at Wisley.
- During all the month, you wll be able to see Emma Stothard willow and steel wire sculpture at Wisley, and David Nash masterworks at Kew.

There are not NGS Gardens open for Charity this month in London Area, but always it is worthy a visit to their website.

{ngs yellow book}

Next posts? I will write about my adventures and garden visits of the past year, and how to replicate them by yourself; I will tell you more about my tomorrow visit and about 'Seed of Love', a lovely and international seed swap.

In the meantime, I wait for you on Twitter!!! :)


  1. You will smile Noemi I have the Yellow book just next to me, comes from my sister who leaves near Bristol for when (if) I take time to visit her ....

  2. I am, it is a great sourcebook! :)

    And their website is very useful too! :) If you are interested, once at month I am used to write a post on London garden-related events :)

    You could share them to your sister, or use them to plan a visit! :)