Sunday, 17 May 2015

Mysteries revealed!

Hello there, 
I cannot believe that has been 5 months since the last time I wrote on this beloved blog and I am very excited to be back!
But what has led me from writing weekly posts to make a appearance every now and then, mostly on bi-monthy basis?
Well...the secrets are now out... so grab a cup tea and a slice of your favourite cake...and enjoy the reading!

{Hornbeam wath in the Flower Garden, leading to a Bespoke Glasshouse}
If, when I was a design student, they would have told me that within two years I would have worked with Anoushka Feiler, one of my favourite British designers, I would have laughed hard...
...but here we are!
As anticipated in one of the previous posts, immediately after the GROW London experience I had the pleasure to start working at Bestique... and in the last months the entire studio has been involved in the planting and logistic of 'The Big Dream', an amazing 3 acres private garden designed by Anoushka and due to completion this Summer. I lost count of the perennials already planted since March.... but we must be now in the reason of 30.000+ without counting shrubs and trees! You can see some of my favourite shoots below and read more about the garden here and here, on Bestique Blog.

Bestique Design - {A view of the Flower Garden. You can spot the Woodland Treehouse in the back - Photo: Noemi Mercurelli
{A view of the Flower Garden. You can spot the Woodland Treehouse in the back}
Anoushka Feiler - Bestique Design - Water feature crossing the Flower Garden bed - photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{Water rill crossing the Flower Garden beds}
Bestique Design - The log path in the Woodland Garden, next to the Treehouse - Photo Noemi Mercurelli
{The log path in the Woodland Garden, next to the Treehouse. One of my favourites!}
Bestique Design - The Treehouse area and willow teepee immediately after planting - photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{The Treehouse and its surroundings immediately after should see it now!}
Anoushka Feiler - Detail of the Treehouse - photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{A detail of the Treehouse} 
Bestique Design - The Laburnum pergola in the Fire Garden - Photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{The Laburnum pergola in the Fire Garden}
Anoushka Feiler - Outdoor candle niche detail in the Fire Garden - photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{Candle niche in the Fire Garden - another of my favourite details!} 
Bestique Design - View of the Flower Garden, leading to the Natural Swimming Pond - photo by Noemi Mercurelli
{Another view of the Flower Garden, leading to the Natural Swimming Pond}
{Our Wedding Day! - Photo by}
As you might have spotted on Twitter, I got married in Sardinia, where I come from,
in a sunny and glorious day of April...
...and despite all my best intentions there has been no way to conciliate the previous point and the planning of our Italian wedding (in just 9 months and 1000+ miles away) with blog writing :) 
More photos and details on that amazing days will be shared soon!
{Photo by}

{Photo Credit:technobuffalo}
And the 3rd and last mystery....I am sorry...but it will remain a mystery at least until the end of the year...but I promise it will definitively be revealed within January 2016. 
The only thing I can say for now is that involve a collaboration with the wonderful Carolyn of Simply Roses and that we hope that everyone will be able to enjoy and visit this 'Mystery' in Spring 2016.

That's all for the moment! I leave you to one of the most exciting time of the gardening year, with the Chelsea Fringe (officially started yesterday!) and the opening of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in just 2 days time!