Thursday, 9 August 2012

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show - part3

One of the best thing of RHS Shows is the opportunity to see and questioning about new plants and cultivars, or maybe just discover again a forgotten species.

Today I want to share with you some of the plants that drawn my attention and that will look fab in a whenever a touch of white is required! :D

 {Agapanthus 'Tinkerbell' - a blue-flowered Agapanthus, but with unusual cream-variegated leaves, I find it very elegant, as the similar form named 'Silver Moon' - Pic source:}
{ Acer Palmatum 'Oridono-nishiki' - This unusual Acer, shows variegated leaves with a hint of pink that recall me one other of my favourite plants: Actinidia kolomikta -  Pic source: }

{Eryngium planum 'Jade Frost' - The Eryngium is a popular star of these last summers, and it is also well appreciated by our buzzing little friends, but it is not common to find one with a white-creamish rim like this! - Pic source:}

{ Lunaria annua 'Variegata' - I love the fruits of this plant! Even more now that I can have them on a variegated-leaves plant! :D -  Pic source}

I also felt in love with:

  • Fuchsia 'Roualeyns White Gold', a 2012 novelty from Roualeyns nursery;
  • Myrtus communis tarentina 'Variegata', a fragrant and decorative bush whose scent will project you in a Mediterranean paradise;
  • Ornithogalum magnum, a very big Ornithogalum, as the name suggest!
  • Phalaris arundinacea 'Feesy', a very good-looking and ornamental grass;
  • Rhodohypoxis baurii, a little bulbous that I am sure will surprise you;

And last but not least, Thulbaghia violacea 'Silver Lace', that increased my love for Thulbaghias and that I can already see in my dream garden, in company of some Agapanthus 'Silver Moon'....

Ok, that day is a bit far away but..hey! Let me dream!!! :D

And what about you? Were there some plants that captured your heart at Hampton Court Flower Show?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Extra Post: What is happening here? :D

For same extraordinary reasons, the number of readers of my blog (mostly from UK, Italy, USA and Germany…and usually from Russia too) seems multiplied x 5 in just few days… I feel very honored and I am very happy to welcome you in this little cozy space …. But I also feel like when some very important and beloved guests appear on your front door in the middle of the spring cleaning, and your house is far less tidy and comfortable then you wish.

Source: Craftsvilla

So, let me better explain what is going here :D

As you can read on your right, I am an Italian Garden Design student based in London, and this blog is a little diary of my experience in England and in the journey of becoming  a good (and Eco!) Garden Designer, with the help of the fabulous team of KLC School. I usually post once a week, but I am planning some exciting news! J

My Planting Plan for 'The Garden Room', Hampton Court

I am used to have more ideas than what I can realize, and I am trying to take the maximum from this experience, so in every college-free time (and if I am not working on a very demanding project or homework ;P) is very likely you will find me drawing, browsing in a Garden, in a Park, in an Exhibition or in any sort of event (not necessary garden-related) that I think it might be useful to increase my knowledge, experience, creativity, skills or eco-sensibility.

Visiting 'The Water Gardens', Kingston

For all these reasons, I am afraid it is a bit untidy here and you will find some  posts that needs to be completed or undusted…

But please, appreciate my good heart and my enthusiasm in telling you about my life, the gardens I visits, the Mediterranean little pearl where I come from, or the huge opportunities I am having here thanks to my college, like for example working for Cleve West and Andy Sturgeon at Chelsea Flower Show and for Matthew Child  and Jo Hanslip at Hampton Court Flower Show , or have lecturer like Luciano Giubbilei, Sarah Price and  Tim Richardson.

Me and Matthew Childs in front of his awards-winning creation 'Light at the end of the tunnel',
RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2012

In this particular moment I am working on two projects, and preparing myself for a work-experience in one of the greatest British Garden… If you are curious about it…just continue to follow me… and feel  free to email me your opinion and thoughts ;D



Thursday, 2 August 2012

Events in August!

Can you belive it? Another month has gone! :) May and July where probably the best one to get some inspiration and new ideas, while with its courses, August seems the best one to improve our own knowledge and skills!

Tiax /

- 4thand 5th August - Claremont Landscape is considered one of the finest gardens of the English Landscape style. Its own creation and development has involved great names in garden history, including Sir John Vanbrugh, Charles Bridgeman, William Kent and 'Capability' Brown. In 1726 it was described as 'the noblest of any in Europe' and the garden today is of national importance. In these two days, the Belvedere Tower (an Italian word that mean 'Good View') will be open to the pubblic and it will be a good occasion to see the garden from there and join the love for gardens with the interest of history. It is part of the of the National Trust and it is well connected with the pubblic service... another good reason why I am seriously planning to go! :)

- 8th August - Fruit identification day: plums, earlyapples and pears at Wisley. A free service to help you identify what it is growing in the garden. Times: 11am-1pm and 2-4pm.
- 8th August - On the same day at RHS Wisley Garden, Cultivate some colour: a half day course to learn how to propagate tender perennial
- 11th August -Agapanthus extravaganza: Dick Fulcher, Agapanthus national collection holder, will give a talk about these fascinating summer plants in the Plant Centre of RHS Wisley Garden, covering cultivation and care, range of plants, and how to use them in the garden.

- 18th and 19 August - Fuchsias in the Glasshouse - a new event held in the Glasshouse Gallery of Wisley Garden
- 21st August - Tree and Shrub Pruning course at Wisley Garden

- 25th August Close-up Photography one day course with Adrian Davies at Wisley Garden
- 25th August to 30th September - Surrey Sculpture Society trail: one of the largest exhibitions of sculpture in the country, on display at Wisley against the beautiful backdrop of the late summer garden.
- 30th August - Harvesting and preparing seed. Explore the best techniques and timings for harvesting, as well as when to sow and how to treat your seed to ensure maximum germination rates.
- 30th August to 16th September: I maestri delpaesaggio/Landscape masters - Even if this event will not be in London, but in Bergamo (Italy) it is worth mentioning! The list of partecipants is really mouth watering: Cleve West, Andy Sturgeon, Luciano Giubbilei, Peter Walker, Christian Dobrick,Gabriele G. Kiefer, John Brook just to name some...
      And even if you have never been to Italy it is a very confortable trip: direct flights starts from as little as £ 33.00, and take only two hours from Stansted airport to Orio al Serio Airport, where a bus brings you into the heart of the town in less then 30'. Couldn't be a nice idea for a weekend escape? :)

 As usual, do not forget to visit or to brownse your yellow book of gardens open for charity!
ngs yellow book

See you next week! :)