Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wordless day: Anthropologie opening party installation!

Wondering what was hotting up after seeing the Pink Squash on Twitter?
It was part of the fantastic display designed by Annie Guilfoyle and Katharina Nikl 
to celebrate the new Anthropologie store in Guilford! 
I loved it and although it is not a garden I thought that this fantastic celebration of the season
 really deserved a feature on the blog!

I hope you enjoyed it! As you can see, a similar feeling can be achieved at home with paint, cakestands, and Autumn produces. So please feel free to Pin your favourite picture on your Home Decor board. I am sure your friends and family will love it!

{We had a lot of fun, as my painted hands
and pumpkin necklace prove! - Picture by Annie Guilfoyle}
Thanks for stopping by! See you next week!


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wordless Wednesdays: London Regent Street Pop-up Garden!

I know, I know! I can feel it from your posts and messages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest: you are all waiting for the Hummelo's post to follow the previous Wordless Wednesdays!!! :P
This week has been quite busy, and it has included working alongside the inspiring Julia Wylie (you might have seen her in the latest issues of Garden Illustrated!) and getting ready for...well...something special I will reveal at the end of the post! ;P Due to this busy (and exciting!!!) schedule, the post on the fantastic visit to Hummelo (Piet&Anja Oudolf's private garden) will have to wait a little bit... but in the meantime I will share with you a really fantastic garden, one that you have never seen before!

It is the incredible Pop-Up garden designed by Annie Guilfoyle and Katharina Nikl for the Summer Streets event in Regent Street. In only two hours the whole Regent Street has been completelly transformed into a fantastic garden! Can you imagine going shopping in one of the most crowled and busy road of London and findind a pleasurable, relaxing, inviting garden instead !?!?!?!

The look of these smiling faces says it all...

Excited by what you have just seen? There is more to come!
This Saturday infact, Annie & Katharina will make an encore for the opening of the new Anthropologie shop in Guilford!!! I am sooo lucky to be involved! Make sure to follow Annie, Anthropologie and me for more updates! 

{If you are local, don't miss the event!!We will be there to answer all your gardening questions and to offer design inspiration for the season ahead! Giveaways and seasonal fun for children as well!}



Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wordless Wednesdays: Hummelo, Piet&Anja Oudolf's Private Garden. An Antipasti!

Welcome back at Mercurelli's blog and thank you for all the lovely comments left here and on Facebook.
As anticipated, the past few weeks have been a succession of blessings and one of the most significant, inspirational and emotional was being able to meet Piet and Anja Oudolf again, while visiting their garden in Hummelo.

I will soon publish a post about this overwelming occasion, but in the meantime here a little 'Antipasti' as part of the new  'Wordless Wednesdays' posts. 

Grab a cup of your favourite organic tea, get your 'Pin it' button ready...and enjoy! ;) 

I hope you liked this little starter and I hope you will be back soon! :)
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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wordless Wednesdays: Great Dixter House&Gardens

As anticipated in the previous post, this past month I have been overblessed with the opportunity to visit some of the most exquisite gardens of Europe, meeting some of the masters who are shaping our idea of Garden&Landscape. It would be greedy to keep all this precious moments for myself, and echoing Matt 10,8 (Freely you have received, feely give!) I'm launching the WORDLESS WEDNESDAYS
The first one features the garden that stole my heart during a fantastic working experience in August 2012,  and that I had the chance to visit again last saturday in occasion of its renowed plant fair. Here the superb Great Dixter in its October 2013 glory!   
Enjoy! ;)

I hope you enjoyed having a look! Please feel free to Pin the picture you loved the most (you can add the Pinterest button here) or to share the link on your favourite Social Media platform. I hope you enjoyed having a peak at one of the most fantastic gardens of England...and I give you the appointment to the next weeks posts. Hummelo (home of Piet&Anja Oudolf), I Maestri del Paesaggio and  RHS Wisley Garden to follow!


Monday, 7 October 2013

From 'I Maestri del Paesaggio' to the 'Great Dixter Plant Fair'...via Hummelo of course!!

Hello and welcome back!
I hope you had a fantastic summer and that you have lots of garden memories/photos/news to share among friends!
For me it has been quite special and I have so much to share with you! After the fantastic achievement at the Hampton Court Flower Show and a well deserved holiday back home in Sardinia, I had the pleasure and privilege to give my contribution to some very exciting projects, to complete two gardens, and to be in three fabulous places!
{I Maestri del Paesaggio, Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo, }

I am talking of Bergamo, Hummelo and Great Dixter. The first one is a hystorical Italian town, home of 'I Maestri Del Paesaggio/The Master of the Landscape', an international meetings for landscapers where I had the pleasure to take part to inspiring seminars with the best Landscapers of the world,  to interpret for Annie Guilfoyle, Vivaio Valfredda, Arend Van Der Horst, Tom Stuart Smith and Il Corriere della Sera, and to follow my favourite Garden Photographer Clive Nichols shooting among vineyards and innovative concrete sculptures. 

{Piet&Anja Oudolf's Garden and Studio, Hummelo}

I went back home full of excitement and I hardly had the time to complete a survey and unpack my suitcase that I was on the road again! This time to visit Hummelo, the home and Garden of the extraordinary Piet & Anja Oudolf. It must have been the combination of being lectured by Noel Kingsbury and one the most inspiring man of the world, the welcoming athmosphere and the delicious soups of Anja, being able to visit their garden after months dreaming on it, and share the adventurous trip with some of the most incredible women you can have around, but for nearly one week I was unable to sleep! I walked around with the biggest smile ever and my cheeks are still hurting for that!

{Shape, forms and textures at Great Dixter Garden}

And if the excitement wasn't enough...Once back in UK the tour ended at the Great Dixter Plant fair, can you imagine anything better? In this magic place I did two working experiences and I left an half of my hear. The fair was the perfect excuse to find new cultivars while meeting old friends and visiting the garden again!
I included few pictures, but each one of this events deserves its own space on the blog... so come back soon to read more!!!