Thursday, 24 May 2012


Today my happiness is directly proportional to the soreness of my feet, and even if I went back home about one hour ago... a huge smile is still printed on my face!

Could you guess why??? Oh yes, exactly: I was at Chelsea Flower Show! :D

And this is only the icing on the cake of very exciting week!

Therefore, come back soon: I have a lot of information, impressions and picture to share with you! :D

In the meanwhile...could you guess where this picture was taken?

Me, tired but happy after the evening spent in one of the best gardens of the show... could you guess which one?

Thursday, 17 May 2012

London Tour!

While waiting for Chelsea Fringe and Chelsea Flower Show, I had a successful tour of London's park and green walls!

I can not wait to share it with you! But unfortunatelly it is a soo busy and out-of-the-ordinary-week!
Please, be patient and come back soon! :D


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Chelsea Flower Show and Chelsea Fringe!

I can't belive it! Only few days to the world most famous flower show!
I'm sooooo delighted that this year, for my first time, I will be there in person! And I can't wait the time... I am sure I will be back at home with loads of ispirations and new knowledges :)

Chelsea Fringe Icon

I will also volunteer at Chelsea Fringe, an explosive, brand new festival, that from 19th of May to 10th of June will animate London and surrondings! Be sure to check the interactive map on the website to find the nearest (most of them free!) events near you!

David Harber – 'Open Squares'

I am sure you will agree: this is a really exciting month for a Garden Designer to be! :D 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Events in May!

Events in May bloom at the same speed as the dandelion!

Here just few of the MANY (hundreds!) in and around London:
Until 2 May - Auricula Spectacular , a displey at Wisley plant centre
3/7 May - Contemporary Craft and Design Fair at RHS Wisley Garden

5 May - Portraits of leaves and fungi  at Kew Gardens

5/13 May - Grand Design London Show at London Exel

9 May - B'ugs and Beast: ecouraging wildlife into your garden,' a talk with RHS's Principal Enthomologist Andrew Halstead at RHS Wisley Garden

10 May - Growing Tomatoes and Peppers - Free talking at Fulham Palace Garden Centre, no needs to book!

10 May - 14 June:  Learn to Draw and Paint with Naomi Lyons at RHS Wisley Garden , a series of five workshops. I wish I could go!!!!! :)

19 May - 10 June: Chelsea Fringe , a brand new festival!

22/26 May: CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW! But I am sure you already knew it! :)

24 May - Lavenders - Free talking at Fulham Palace Garden Centre, no needs to book!

26 May - Photography morning at RHS Wisley Garden

Do not forget to check your precious Yellow book of Gardens open for charity, or to take a look on-line if you do not have it! (maybe you are more 'ecogood' of me and don't want to waste paper/ink!)

The Yellow Garden Book