Thursday, 31 January 2013

Quick update & Terrace Inspiration! :)

Wow! What a fab (and fast!) week!!! :):):)

I am working on two projects now, and a lot of seeds keep coming from the SOL. I dusted my old French and I am eventually back to Vectorworks, my favourite CAD program... which make life easier and works more accurate! :)

{Visual in progress with Sketch-up Pro}

I already started to write the next post (February Agenda!) and I am ready to start another busy day...but before that I can not help to share one of my latest findings with you:

{© Andrea Jones/Garden Exposures Photo Library - source here}

It is Sue Dubois Garden in London, designed by Joe Swift and The Plant Room. It is the clear example that limited space does not mean have to compromize on design! {The master plan can be seen in The book of GardenPlan by Andrew Wilson, one of my favourite!}.

What do you think about it?




  1. I am interested to hear what CAD program you are using... I have been looking at several over the past year trying to decide if one was a good investment for me. I am designing gardens locally for friends and have a couple to work on for out of state gardens for blog readers. I need to either practice my drawing or invest in a computer program, but the money is a large investment for me. What would you suggest???

    1. I use mostly Vectorworks and Sketch-up pro...but I can suggest easiest (and cheapest!! ;P). We could have a chat about it ;)