Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hampton Court Flower Show, part 1_ What inspired me most?

What glorious months for a Garden-Designer-To-Be! Between Lectures at the college, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Chelsea Fringe and the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show I have so many ideas in my mind that I do not have the time to draw one before another idea comes out! J

I already wrote about the first two events…(here and here!), but… what inspired me most at Hampton Flower Show? What touched my soul?  Keep reading…and prepare to be surprised!!! J

The garden that more then all has touched my heart… was ‘Summer in the Garden’, created by Arun Landscape ( and part of the new category ‘Low Cost, High Impact’ gardens.

I understand that my taste could be questionable,  that the yellow wall may not be everyone cup of tea, and that someone could prefer a more formal atmosphere…. BUT I JUST LOVE THIS GARDEN!!! :D

I spent some moment in front of the garden everyday I was at the show, and I ranted the designer with dozens of questions!!! J

Why I love this garden sooo much? Because it is exactly how I imagine a perfect small garden!

1)      It is cosy, friendly, welcoming

2)      Even if from this picture you can not appreciate it at its best, it has got STRUCTURE (Hurray!!!!!)…that means that it will look beautiful, cosy, friendly and welcoming all seasons!

3)      Most of plants are commonly used in Mediterranean gardens, so I found easy to picture it in Sardinia!

4)      I just LOVE the two chairs made from reclaimed pallets (I LOVE using upcycled pallets!)

5)      I LOVE framed Sempervivum used as a living picture on the wall!

6)      The yellow walls could be too bright for the sunniest parts of Sardinia, but there at Hampton Court, under the rain and surrounded by mud, they were  like a sunny oasis that made you immediately feel on holiday despite the bad weather!

And I could continue on and on praising this garden!!! J

Here you find some of my shoots:

One of the other gardens that trilled me was the Poets’ retreat!

Too see more picture of Hampton Court Flower Show and of the other gardens that inspired and trilled me… just come back next week!!! JJJ


  1. Comme tu dis, les murs jaunes ne sont pas ma tasse de thé. Mais il se dégage de ce jardin une athmosphère chaleureuse,confortable, naturelle. Il devait être agréqble de s'y poser un instant...

    1. My views and taste are slightly changed since then, but I still think that it was a very cozy and welcoming garden! :)