Sunday, 4 November 2012

Quick update ;)

Helloooo all!!!

I am very impress: despite few weeks passed since the last post, the number of visitors keep increasing… wow! J

The last weeks have been so busy and..wonderful!!!

After the incredible occasion to design the garden for the London Syon Park Waldorf Astoria Hotel (Hilton Group), and its well-appreciated presentation, I found myself immediately involved in the final project of my Diploma course (Yeaaaah: within 5 weeks I will officially be a GARDEN DESIGNER! Exams allowing, of course! ;P).

There have been so many, many unforeseen during this last project, but I continued to work undeterred, and I am soo proud of myself  and of what I did! J
Here a little preview of the design process:

Hope you are all well and feel inspired by the best gardener season: that one where ‘every leaf is a flower’ ...


...and the priceless and rewarding work of planning is at its best!!!J



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