Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Extra Post: What is happening here? :D

For same extraordinary reasons, the number of readers of my blog (mostly from UK, Italy, USA and Germany…and usually from Russia too) seems multiplied x 5 in just few days… I feel very honored and I am very happy to welcome you in this little cozy space …. But I also feel like when some very important and beloved guests appear on your front door in the middle of the spring cleaning, and your house is far less tidy and comfortable then you wish.

Source: Craftsvilla

So, let me better explain what is going here :D

As you can read on your right, I am an Italian Garden Design student based in London, and this blog is a little diary of my experience in England and in the journey of becoming  a good (and Eco!) Garden Designer, with the help of the fabulous team of KLC School. I usually post once a week, but I am planning some exciting news! J

My Planting Plan for 'The Garden Room', Hampton Court

I am used to have more ideas than what I can realize, and I am trying to take the maximum from this experience, so in every college-free time (and if I am not working on a very demanding project or homework ;P) is very likely you will find me drawing, browsing in a Garden, in a Park, in an Exhibition or in any sort of event (not necessary garden-related) that I think it might be useful to increase my knowledge, experience, creativity, skills or eco-sensibility.

Visiting 'The Water Gardens', Kingston

For all these reasons, I am afraid it is a bit untidy here and you will find some  posts that needs to be completed or undusted…

But please, appreciate my good heart and my enthusiasm in telling you about my life, the gardens I visits, the Mediterranean little pearl where I come from, or the huge opportunities I am having here thanks to my college, like for example working for Cleve West and Andy Sturgeon at Chelsea Flower Show and for Matthew Child  and Jo Hanslip at Hampton Court Flower Show , or have lecturer like Luciano Giubbilei, Sarah Price and  Tim Richardson.

Me and Matthew Childs in front of his awards-winning creation 'Light at the end of the tunnel',
RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2012

In this particular moment I am working on two projects, and preparing myself for a work-experience in one of the greatest British Garden… If you are curious about it…just continue to follow me… and feel  free to email me your opinion and thoughts ;D




  1. Ciao Noemi!
    Ma quanto è carino il tuo blog!
    Sono felice che tu abbia scritto sul Furighedda Gardening così ho potuto scoprire il tuo angolino sul web, e sapere che WOW! sei sarda, sei una garden designer addirittura ad Hampton Court! Doppio WOW!
    Sei simpaticissima e tornerò a leggertii sicuramente. Per il momento ti faccio un enorme in bocca al lupo per il tuo interessantissimo lavoro!
    Un abbraccio dalla tua Sardegna!

    1. Ciao Tiziana!
      Grazie a te per il tuo blog, che trovo fantastico e che mi fa sempre sentire un po' a casa! :)
      Come vedi, il mio è ancora 'giovane' e bisognoso di qualche attenzione, ma spero di poter presto dedicargli più tempo.
      Sono della tua stessa città, ma come avrai letto mi trovo a Londra per studiare Garden Design. Qui vedo e studio tante cose stupende ed è fantastico sapere che 'a casa' ci sono delle persone appassionate come voi in grado di apprezzarle! Spero avremo modo di conoscerci personalmente! Per il momento, ricambio l'abbraccio e ti saluto!