Thursday, 27 September 2012

20 days of silence!!!!!

Oh, my pooor, dear, beloved blog!!!!

So many ideas, so many news and events... and only a little time left to enjoy the pleasure to sit in front of the laptop and share with you part of this incredible journey!!!

The main reason of my momentary silence is a FABULOUS PROJECT!!!

We are  designing infact the garden for a very well know Hotel in London!!! I am really enjoying this wonderful opportunity and the uncontrollable flow of ideas that comes from it... but I have to admit that it is costing in terms of time and..sleep! ;)

Here some preparatory sketches and rendering trials:

{Margins of a CAD drawing are the perfect place
where improvise a mood board
and some early free-hand sketches!

{ First rendering studio with Pantone markers}

As usual, feel free to write me (I promise I will do my best to reply between a CAD session and a Watercolour one! ;P) and.... see you sooooon!


  1. This is Lula. Thank you Noemi fo visiting my blog. The pancratiums you see in the posts were in the natural landscape, actually unprotected scape, but the ones pictured as floral arrangements were from my friend's garden who plants them to help in conservation of endangered species. I am aware of the work about conservationism in the Med islands, since I collaborate with the Botanical Garden in Sóller in that respect. But it's a good reminder about not giving "bad ideas" to others!

    1. Dear Lula,

      Thanks for your reply!
      I beg you pardon as I mistakenly supposed that the Pancratium of the vase were the same of the previous pictures.

      I also congratulate your friend and you for the precious conservation work! Thanks for your posts and your amazing pictures!