Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Wordless Wednesdays: Garden Curves!

Welcome back to Mercurelli's blog :) 
I can't believe that is March already, where February is gone? As spring approaches, the number of meetings, drawings and garden-related events are increasing esponentially, but I do my best to keep posting! :) 

Coming to our wordless day inspiration, it is no secret that I LOVE to incorporate curves and organic shapes in my designs. They can alter completely the feel of the space and can turn a classic rectangular-box garden into a FANTASTIC sensory journey.

Today I share some of my favourite examples here but you can find more inspiration on my Pinterest Board (please feel free to repin as many as you like!)

{Source: Pinterest. Design by Joe Swift}

{Source: Andy Sturgeon website}

{Source: Pinterest;  Design by Andy Sturgeon}
{Source: Pinterest}

{Source: Pinterest}

Does your garden include curves and organic shapes? Was it deliberate or the result of a long experimentation? Please feel free to leave your comment and links!




  1. I would like to appreciate your thinking and ideas of gardening. It gives a very descent look. Thank you so much for this post.
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  2. These are divine! I'm loving garden curves too because they bring quite an interesting appeal, especially if you are to walk around and all that. It'd be best if you want to be non traditional on your garden!