Friday, 24 January 2014

Seeds of Love 2014, here the Winners!!!

Welcome back here at Mercurelli's! :)

As you could see from my previous post, for the second year in a row I have being taking part to the SEEDS OF LOVE event organized by the fantastic Isabelle, a great mom, gardener, writer and florist to whom we are all grateful for organizing and directing the event! You can find out more about her and the event here on her blog :)

One of best part of 'Seeds Of Love' is being in touch with garden-enthusiast from all over the world, exchanging tips, ideas, photos, cuttings and friendships, but as a bonus you also get a fantastic bunch of seeds to enhance your garden while experimenting new varieties collected from all over the Europe (and farther!). Definitivelly a Win-Win event! :)

But here it comes the bittersweet moment of the drawing! I thank all who took part or left a comment here and on Facebook. I wish I could multiply my seeds and send 4 lovely packets to all 130 of you, but this is not possible. I did however increased the number of winners this year, I hope you will be pleased of that! :)

Here the lucky SeedsOfLovers!

Moluccella laevis: 9, 42, 50, 102, 130 + 8, 22, 28, 59, 73, 75, 79, 102, 116.
Lathyrus 'Singing The Blues': 4, 22, 49, 59, 75 + 9, 39, 42, 50, 79, 102.
Borago officinalis f. alba: 30, 42, 73, 102, 116 + 4, 9, 79. 
Allium tuberosum:  8, 28, 39, 79, 102 + 4, 30.

The first 5 numbers are the winners for each variety, which automatically get all the other seeds requested! 

To all the other partecipants, I thank you again for taking part, I am sure we will be in touch during the next months and I wish you good luck for the next event! :)


P.S. In case you have missed it, I am going again to the RHS Chelsea and Hampton Court  Flower Shows this year, please feel free to follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and on Twitter for updates!)


  1. grazie Noemi....felicissima di aver vinto i tuoi semi......a presto <3

  2. Tank you very much Noemi. Laurent (116)

  3. Hello Noemi, Lovely to find your blog and twitter (I'm now following both) through your Pinterest follow of my boards! I've recently been to a Dixter study day about choosing & using seed and I have a feeling that you were there? I didn't know at the time and, if yes, am kicking myself as would have loved to chatted more!

  4. Je te remercie beaucoup Noémie, je suis heureuse d'être gagnante mais as-tu envoyé tes graines ??? Je ne les ai pas reçu ?
    Bon week-end
    MC le numéro 22

    1. Bonjour Marie-Claude,

      Il a été une longue semaine de plans et de projets, et j'ai pu envoyer samedi juste à temps pour la date limite Isabelle. J'espère que les graines viennent bientôt.

      Un gros bisou!