Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mercurelli's update!

Hellooo and welcome back at Mercurelli's :)

I am sooo excited about all the fantastic events going is all happening so quickly that it is getting hard to keep the blog updated, so thanks again to all the garden-enthusiasts who keep following me daily on Facebook and Twitter :)

{Garden Design consultation for the Chelsea Fringe!}

I left you at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. What happened after? :)

{Planting at the latest RHS Chelsea Flower Show for Marie-Louise Agius and Michael Balston}

I re-embraced my busy busy schedule and I continued my collaborations with the Botanical Gardener, the Garden Museum, and most of all with Classic and Modern Gardens, the hectic studio of Stephen Anthony Ryan, where we are getting ready for the bulding of 'August 1963: I have a dream' Show Garden at Hampton Court. The studio has now welcome a new member and it has never been so busy in delivering Bespoke Garden Design and Landscape services!

{The busy life of a Garden Designer: On site in the morning, meeting with clients in the afternoon!}

Has if the RHS Hampton Court Flower Festival wasn't exciting enough on its own, Stephen's studio is involved in some grand projects both private and commercial...I feel very lucky to be part of the team and to design for such a firm!
Since the last update I also took part to the Chelsea Fringe Garden Festival (Picture above)...and I got pubblished on Vitis, the 'inside' magazine of the Society of Garden Designers...

{My article on Vitis, SGD Magazine}

Not bad for a little Sardinian Girl, eh? ;)


  1. This is just a fantastic period for you Noemi !! I can imagine how happy you must feel, and almost how proud !!
    Keep on, and enjoy !!

    1. Thanks so much Régine! :) Much appreciated!