Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Updates, Chelsea Fringe, Chelsea & Hampton Court Flower Shows!

WELCOME BACK at Mercurelli's!!!! :D

After a busy and very productive silence (as you will see shortly!), I am back on the keyboard to share the joys, the challenges and the great events of a London-based Garden Designer's life!

But...what happened in these past 7 weeks? And why have I been so silent?
Who follows me on Twitter and Facebook might had some clues already ! ;)

{a 'clue' from one of my tweets}

Since my latest post, a lot of exciting events happened!

I started working for 'The Botanical Gardener'...

...going on site with Ben of Breathe Garden Design to better understand the role, the challenges and the 'tricks of the trade' of a Landscape Contractor...

Ben Wilkinson
{Ben and his team are really hardworkers!!!!}

...and I started working with Stephen Anthony Ryan!!!

{Stephen' A. Ryan's Logo}

Stephen is a succesful Garden Designer based in Beaconsfield that after completed  his studies at KLC School of Design, a course with John Brookes, and a work experience in the studio of Marcus Barnett, launched 'Stephen Anthony Ryan Classic and Modern Gardens', a very busy Garden Design Studio based in Buckinghamshire. He is also exhibiting at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2013 with his 'August 1963: I Have A Dream' Show Garden. No wonder that between his Design Work and the Show Garden he needed some extra help (alias ME!!!) :) :) :) :) :) It is a very exciting experience and I am willing to share with you as much as possible about his projects and the 'behind-the-scene' of the show garden, so keep following me! ;)

{August 1963: I Have A Dream'
RHS Hampton Court Show Garden 2013 by Stephen Anthony Ryan}

And if all of these wasn't exciting enough.....what would you say if I tell you that I keep working and volunteering for the great Garden Museum on monthly basis, that I am taking part in June to the Chelsea Fringe with a FREE DESIGN SESSION at the Idler Academy, and that in few hours I will start planting at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show?!?!?!?!?! :) :) :)

Where do I find the energies for all this?!?'. The answer is the greatest passion for my job which I deeply deeply love and in the lovely feedbacks from clients and readers like you, which help going on even in the busiest times! ;) 

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Wish you a great week, 



  1. Oh Noemi Noemi!
    Io l'avevo detto che sei una ragazza in gamba e che andrai molto lontano!
    Che dico lontano?? Sei già lontana anni luce!
    Sei grande ragazza mia! continua così!
    E mi raccomando racconta tutto che sono tutta orecchi!
    Un abbraccione e buon lavoro!
    Baci! ti voglio bene!

  2. Bravissima Noemi!!!! Sono così contenta che tu ti stia realizzando nel lavoro che più ti piace!!!!! Evviva le donne italiane intraprendenti e coraggiose!!!
    Maria Formentin

  3. That all sounds so fabulous, Noemi!! I so wish I could fly over to see some of your work at Chelsea, for the Fringe and your garden projects. You must be flying from one thing to the next! :)

    I wanted to say thank you again for your encouragement about garden design! It was a conversation that really make a turning point for me in my confidence and leading in thinking about it. I have done a few survey now! And am helping several friends this summer by working through the full design process (as in Rosemary Alexander's book).

    Peace to you in the fullness of life!

    1. Hello Julie and apologies for not reply sooner.
      I am soo happy to hear that. You are clearly very talented and I whish you the best! :)

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any help! ;) A hug to all the Witmers! :)