Friday, 29 March 2013

'The Devil's Saddle' - an amazing spot of Sardinia!

Welcome back at Mercurelli's! :)

I hope you have kept yourself wrapped and warm during these last days!

Has the weather affected your gardening plans? Or has it give you extra time to re-think and plan your garden? New orders and purchases? I did not resist and I acquired three new amazing plants at the latest RHS Great London Show...

{one of the plants acquired during the latest RHS London Show...can you name it?}

but before tell you more about them, let me share with you where I spent part of the past week:

I was back in the amazing Sardinia and I treated myself with an excursion at 'La Sella del Diavolo - The Devil Saddle', one of my favourite destinations ovelooking the 'Golfo degli Angeli - Gulf of Algels' {we can easily guess why it is so called!}

  I was used to 'escape' in this little corner of Paradise since I was a student in Bioecology... and I still love to come here when looking for relax, inspiration... or simply an extra-supply of Sardinian sun to better cope with the British weather! :)

Click on the images to see them enlarged...and have a look at these amazing natural combinations!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek in one of the most Biodiverse spot of Cagliari, my birthtown.

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{one of the thousand Asphodelus microcarpus which populate La Sella Del Diavolo/ The Devil's Saddle}

Stay tuned! RHS Great London Show posts and a little surprise are coming! ;)




  1. What a nice post to start the day ! For the first picture I would say Euonymus japonicus ´blabla' as I can believe it must be a new variety ... and the other ones from Sardegna are giving light and warm in my mind and my heart.
    Wish you a nice Easter,
    Belle journée,

    1. Hello dear Régine! :)

      Thank you very much for your greetings and the nice comment, I hope you enjoyed visiting one of my favourite spots in Sardinia!

      Tha mysterious plant can actually be used as an Euonymus, but it is far less common! :)I will publish the name during this week, but in the meantime you can find a clue clicking on the picture! :)

      Very best,

  2. Truly beautiful! Thank you for sharing your home :)

    It has been very cold here, with warmer temps not expected until next week... we hope! I have been watching my seedlings grow and trying to guess when I will be able to order my mushroom compost - a very exciting gardening moment!

    Happy Easter!

    1. Hello Julie,

      thank you for your kind visit!
      Very good to know that you use the mushroom compost in your garden! It is a true blessing for most of plants!

      Did you learned it from 'Christo'? :)

      Hope you spent a blessful and peaceful Easter,


  3. Hello Noemi, I am amazed by how much similar to Majorca is your home landscape. I could say your images could be ones of my home lanscape! The road to my home in the country if filled with asphodelus like the one in your last picture.

    1. Hello Lula and thank you for your comment!
      You are right! I thought the same when I saw your pictures! :)

      It must be very warm these days! :)

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  5. Bonsoir Noemie ! une bien jolie promenade... Et cette jolie plante de la première photo est absolument fabuleuse... Rhamnus j'ai vu le nom sur votre photo... Bon week end.