Friday, 11 April 2014

Wordless Friday: Sardinian colours, textures and inspirations!

I hope you will forgive me if, for once, I move the Wordless day post to Friday... 
Since the last post my 'Designer-life' has been a succession of drawings, visits, meetings, talks... 
So much work folks, but soo rewarding!

Mercurelli Sardinia Collage

In all of this, I somehow managed to spend few days in Sardinia, from where my inspiration often come from. These time I did not observe costal landscapes and turquoise waters, but the suburb wildnerness that frame Cagliari, the chief town. I hope you will enjoy its colours and textures as much as I did!
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Rusted gate of Sardinia Garden
{Rusted, Old Gate. A new one woudn't be as charming!}

Daisies and Opuntia... a soft & thorny plant combination!
{An Opuntia and an Asteracea - A Soft/Thorny suggestive combination}

wild Cerinthe major in Sardinian Garden
{Wild Cerinthe major - YES, in Sardinia they are already out and YELLOW!}

Old Fiat 500, Opuntia, & Reed fence in Barraccamanna, Sardinia
{An old Fiat 500, an Opuntia and local reed Fence. That's Barraccamanna!}

Wild Sardinian Plant Cenosis
{One of the many wild cenosis. Simply perfect!}

Barraccamanna - Sardinian suburb landscape
{A wild/suburb Landscape, few minutes away from Cagliari's Airport}

Rusted gate lock - Sardinia
{Rusted Gate Lock of a vacant plot: which (botanical) secrets will it hide?}
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