Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wordless Wednesdays: Autum at KEW Gardens!

Hello and Welcome back at Mercurelli's!
This past few days have been quite diverse and I cannot count my blessings!
I put down pencil & mouse and I spent the week out, working again with Julia Wylie, attending the SGD Autumn Conference, the Futurescape Show... and visiting KEW Gardens again!
I am soo luckly to have them, Wisley and Hampton Court Gardens on my doorstep, and I often wish to can bring all of you with me in my pocket during these garden tours and visits!
Waiting for a magic laptop transporter screen, here the photos of the day:
The tour started with the Japanese Garden, my favourite spot!
{A Fantastic View of the Japanese Garden}

{I Love how the Pachisandra terminalis 'Green Carpet' has been used!}

{Visitors having a closer look!}

{The 'Gateway of the Imperial Messenger'
 is a replica of the gate of Nishi Hongan in Kyoto}

...Then it continued on the Tree Walk...
{Lift to the Tree Walk. I think it comes from Mars!}

{Fantastic View of the Glasshouse from the Tree Walk}

{On the opposite side, you can spot the Pagoda
borrowed from the Japanese Landscape }
{Close-up on the Pagoda. This beauty was completed in 1762}
  ...and we ended up at the Palm House, after a fantastic cake at the Orangery cafè! 
{A Precious detail from the Palm House ceiling}
{View from the top of the glasshouse. Could spend hours up here!}
{Fantastic details of the Pal House, dating back to the 1848!}
{How resist to such exquisite details?  They make me want
to spend hours sketching and photographing them!}

I hope you enjoyed this week feature and that you will feel free to Pin your favourite photos!

And you? Have you got a very special Park or Garden close to you that it is looking glorious in its Autumn vest? Let us know!


  1. I had not yet seen the Japanese Garden... so pretty! I like the mounded planting. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It is less know then the iconic Glasshouse, but it is a real pearl! I look forward to welcoming you here and showing it to you and your lovely family!