Thursday, 28 February 2013

Books of the month! :)

Welcome back! :)

Have you never realized how many little 'addictions' we have? That coffee in the morning, that growing numbers of seed packets in the tinbox...I am sure that everyone can name some! 

I never realized how much I was 'addicted' to books, until I started to keep track of them to avoid duplicates....I am arrived here in England with just few favourites {il manuale di giardinaggio di Gardenia and the RHS Encyclopedia of Plants&Flowers, just to name two!}....and few months later my books were enough to fill an intere bookcase!!! I have to say that here in London is very easy (and cheap!) to buy good Garden design/Gardening books, and this did not help my little addiction.

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Will not surprise you then to know that one of my 'New Year Resolutions' included being more sensible about book-purchases...and after an insuccesful attempt in January (I ended up with 12 more books!), I can happily say to have been more moderate in February, ending up with just two more books (EXACTLY JUST TWO!!!) 

Which are the two new precious pearls of my bookcase?

They are Cuttings - A year in the garden with Christopher Lloyd and Pruning (The Great Dixter Handbooks) 

The Dixter Handbook - Pruning

The first one is just AMAZING!!! It is a collection of Christopher Loyd's articles from the Guardian and he is so brilliant that I often find myself laughing aloud. I'm munching the book slowly slowly, month by month to enjoy it better (exactly as 'In My Garden'), but sometimes it is just impossible to resist and to avoid peeking the successive article! I would recommend the book even to someone not into gardening as Christopher Lloyd's style is so enjoyable that I am sure it will conquer everyone!

The second one is a tiny handbook on pruning which can be easily read in a couple of hours and which intent is to offer an overal understanding of pruning, rather then a collection of 'do this, do that'. I found some good tips and a useful scheme on Clematis groups.

Both of them can be found at Great Dixter Shop, at the Garden Museum, on Amazon and in many good bookstores.

And you? What have you read this month? Have you got a similar addiction or a very good title to share with us? :) Let us know!

Baci, Kisses and Bisous, 



  1. How I recognize good in what you say, Noemi! The way of 'nibbling' at the book but at the desire to be already farther!
    A book which I adored it is 'Un jardin de fleurs' of Ch. Lloyd (the only one whom I found translated into French!) and 'Le jardin anglais de Vita Sackeville West' of Tony Lord. Marvels! For the moment, I read (rather, I read again!) ' 1000 mariages de plantes ' of Didier Willery. There are always books of gardening which are lying about in the house!
    Have a nice day ! Friendly ! Marie

    1. Hello Marie!
      Glad to find another bibliophile! :)
      I love the first two, but I never read the third one. I looks very interesting! Thank you for the suggestion!

  2. Hello Noemi ! I would love reading Christopher Loyd articles in french just to be sure I understand properly ;-)
    For the moment I am reading 'The English Garden' and 'Mon Jardin Ma Maison' .... and bought a book from Stéphane Marie also, but I am more interested in going in the garden to start some cleaning :-) we finally have temps above zero ! Yes !!

    1. Hello Régine!
      I know, only a couple of Christopher Lloyd's books are available in French for the moment, but I guess they will be translated soon.
      Is 'Mon Jardin Ma Maison' from the homonimous magazine?