Thursday, 22 March 2012

Green Shopping (!!!)

I'm back!:) It has been really hard to don't write, but I really wanted to maintain my intentions! :):):)
What's happen this past week?

I had some 'Green Shopping'!:):):)
You have to know that this year my New-Year-List-of-Good-Intentions, included the voice: "try to live as ecofriendly as I can'... and I proposed myself to buy as much 'already loved' that I could.
I started with great enthusiasm, especially when I discovered that charity shops were full of interesting Gardening/Plants/Design related books...and the fact that I was also helping child/hospitals/people in trouble, together with the great excuse 'I have to read more books to improve my English', helped this enthusiasm to grow! :)

At one point, facing the fact that my collection was increasing out of control and that I wished to save for some little projects... I decided to buy STRICTLY-NEEDED-BOOK only!

But then....while walking far from home...I crossed the window of an Oxfam shop...and there I 'failed'!:) I entered 'for a quick look only'...and I went out with these:

Then few days later I went to the library to return some books...and even before I did it, I had these in hands:

I didn't realized how many books I bought until I put them together to take the pictures!! LOL!

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